Monday, January 11, 2010

Rubber Bands and Maturity

Recently conducted some business, removing papers from my purse with a rubber band around them. The young lady that attended me remarked that she loved how "older" people are so organized. Did I feel mature and organized? She smiled and remarked that older people are always so well organized. They staple, paperclip or use rubber band papers to hold their "stuff" together. I was not sure how to feel, but this was the first time someone referred to me as "older". Did that mean I looked 80? Am quite a few years away, yet a couple generations removed, guess that I am "older". After getting home I looked around to see that lots of papers were in bundles, either clamped, stapled or rubber banded. After looking back a number of years, my memory served me much better in organizing papers without the" gathering attachments."

Got to thinking about this and wondered "am I adding to my maturity further" by using rubber bands, staples, paper clips and clamps? I was amused and flattered by her comment. Being organized lends itself to chronological maturity I guess, or at least someone thought so and decided that the rubber bands, clamps, clips, and stapler should stay.

Concluded that her comment was complimentary and was delighted that I was not fumbling through an old candy box of unorganized papers (guessing that will come later).

In any case, guess it was the first wake up call like the one I remembered being called "that lady is looking at us" (at age 28). That the was the first time I had not been called a girl. So as we move into stages of maturity, our habits change that present illusions of maturing, or maybe just reality.

As we move into different stages of our life, habits change. Guess bundling things in an orderly manner is one of the benefits of not relying on memory. It presents me with more time to do some of the things that I enjoy.

So much for rubber bands and maturity!