Monday, August 17, 2009

An Antiques and Jewelry Expert that lays it on the line!

Paula’s name frequently comes up in discussions about antiques and jewelry. A Bonanzle seller at her Eclectic Dealer’s booth on, Paula brings many years of antiques and jewelry advice expertise. Buyers can feel confident that when they purchase from Paula that she has carefully done her homework for each piece listed.

Paula’s knowledge and information comes from a base of expert years in working with anything vintage or antique. A certified gemologist adds to her expert portfolio. Paula is also a seasoned online power seller on eBay and in the last year has expanded the venues where she sells her treasures.

Kate Murphy of the New York times interviewed Paula in 2004. It looks to me that this savvy antiques aficionado can view a picture and a description, and identify its origin and and it's approximate value. Anyone that is not an expert, would not be able to differentiate between something old or an item manufactured to appear old. We all know that items have been reproduced and passed off as originals. Paula knows her business and can spot a reproduction a mile away!

Virginia: Paula to what do you attribute such vast experience in antique/vintage collectibles and jewelry?

Paula: My parents were collectors of fine porcelains which included Dresden, Meissen and Spode, all first factory. We attended auctions at Sotheby’s ~ Parke Bernet, NYC whenever there was an auction, so, antiquing is really in my DNA. I attended GIA and became a Graduate Gemologist. After my schooling I owned a Jewelry store in New York dealing in Fine Gems. My personal collection leans toward Oriental and my greatest finds are Strait’s porcelain pieces.

Virginia: How do you select items for sale online?

Paula: When buying items for sale on Bonanzle I buy with my heart and only items that I would want for myself. I try to research the items to the best of my ability so when I present them I can give an honest description. My commitment to my buyers is a promise of honesty.

I am most privileged to spotlight this savvy seller and expert on my blog - Paula Amato - Eclectic Dealer on Bonanzle. Her comprehensive blog "Eclectic Dealer's - Bringing you Antiques from Around the world" highlights areas of gemology, antiques, and much more.
  • Thanks Paula!


I most most unusual item in Paula's Bonanzle booth. A 19c Asian Samovar Champleve Enamel Tea Water Heater pictured at the top of the page.

New York Estate: This is amazingly old. I was told it is from the late 1800's, water heater and dispenser made from Brass and is decorated with Champleve enamel medallions on three (3) sides and hand painted porcelain disks.

The top has a double hinged handle, either side has a single hinged handle as well. There are four (4) parts to this, an inner tube that holds what I assume would be coal or hot rocks, a cover for the tube and the base which has reticulated Oriental designs beside the enamel work.

The piece is approx. 10" tall x 5 1/4" wide on all four sides, the handle in an upright position would add another 3".

The condition is fantastic for being lovingly used and well over 100 years old. There is a latch is missing from one side and minor chipping on a few of the porcelain disks (shown in the photo ) this does not deter at all from the look or the use and took me days to realize that it wasn't there. There are many more rare and unique items from this collection in my listings.

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