Saturday, November 28, 2009

Creating a Rose Bush tree with recycled stuff

The holidays add juices to creativity. After looking around found much that could be recycled. As a horder of old laces, fabrics, and styrofoam, decided to get busy and make some fun things for the holidays.

Items used: A block of styrofoam (from old packaging), an old lace curtain, lace, wire, yarn, duct tape, pins, a dried bush branch, antique leaf paint. I used a piece of pyracantha - a bit thorny, but sturdy.

1. Cut your styrofoam block then dig a hold in it with the back of a small paintbrush, poking it in about 4 inches.

2. Prep your twig,(about 2 ft) by cutting off the lower branches, to slip it in the styrofoam after you have added a piece of lace curtain around the the stryofoam. Leave enough lace to folder over the top and bottom. I used pins to fix the lace in place. I added the same lace used for making the roses around the top lip of the styrofoam and pinned it. You can use a glue gun, but my preference was to use pins.

3. Cut a piece of cardboard for setting your styrofoam vase. I painted this with green acrylic paint, then took a piece of duct tape, rolled it around, stuck it on the bottom of the styrofoam, and attached it to the base. It can be affixed with a glue gun.

4. Making roses are easier than you think. My lace is 3" wide. Fold the lace in the center, then gather the lace around four times holding the base of the rose. Cut a small piece of floral wire and twirl it around the bottom, leaving enough wire to attach it to the branch. Take a piece of yarn and tie it over the wire, pulling the yarn to stretch it on the sides, giving it a leafy effect.

5. When you have finished attaching all the roses you choose, take your twig and place it in the hole you made in the stryfoam. If you are using a thorny twig as I did be sure to put on garden gloves.

6. You can add some glitter to your lace rose bush by brushing on some antique leaf paint on the twig stem and leaves. I also added some gold lace to the tree as a garland.

A fun project and definitely have someone in mind that wanted something pretty for their vanity!


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