Saturday, January 23, 2010

A bit of Nostalgia rekindles the soul...Santa Fe

Facebook brings people together in more ways than can be described. Family, friends, interests groups and Nostalgia. I recently joined "You know you are old school Santa Fe when...". After observing a small city triple in size in a few years (well...40 years), some people and places remain indelibly in your mind.

Santa Fe is the City Different. Growing up in an eclectic art center brought fascinating people. A town that had many dirt roads that would wind in no real direction. Colonies of artists, writers and simply interesting people walked the square in downtown Santa Fe. Rich in culture and tradition, the city thrives on being the "City Different".

Memories of a small city have taken this facebook page to levels that brings some warm memories of a place that holds special places in our minds.

As with all places, the memories of how it was is only compared to what generations today will say of places forty years from now. The only difference will be...that the names of eating establishments, stores, will likely be the same - MacDonald's, Carl's Jr, Big 5 and more. The days of independently owned businesses are so few and in this writer's opinion are not the same as those of today's generations. We knew the families that owned the businesses. They worked in the business and gave the best possible service to their customers.

Do not think that memories will flourish with today's generations as they did. Perhaps Nostalgia will be replaced with another word, with no frame of reference to what has changed.


alice said...

Nice ghoulish article … very fitting for the season and impressively damn interesting.

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Thanks for the insight! There is a lot of helpful information within those links.

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