Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The "Other Half" of the Partnership in Life!

Keeping busy in retirement is not difficult. All those tasks you "needed to get done"- repairs on the house, gardening, painting interior and exterior walls and the back burner stuff, it's time to move on. Can keep oneself busy and out of trouble for a couple of years after retirement. Then it's on to new or old hobbies - the "fun stuff".
My husband Don has lots of interests - collects stamps, postcards, loves to fish, camp and does graphics. He recently returned to graphics after a few years out of it and opened a gallery on Zazzle.com.

After spending about ten years designing logos, cards, and business cards along with a full time job, now it time to really have fun, if nothing else to show the world new and original graphics.
Every few minutes I hear - "dear" take a look at this cool new stuff. The new stuff is getting rather "out there", but fun. Remember when people would say that we sometimes revert back to childhood as we grow into the "golden years". Does not bother us at all...because a big part of life is having "fun".
We look at the "golden" years as truly a time to reflect and integrate. It is also a time to move on to new ventures, friends and a slight change in values. Seems life's experiences and how we valued each triumph or crisis (regardless of outcome), is one that adds to a base of wisdom. Equally important in to keep the "child" in us as we enjoy this next phase.
Not 80 years old yet - quite a ways from that by twenty years, but given each day at a time, the value of each day is a gift! Visit Don on Zazzle!


Norbridge Antiques said...

I enjoyed reading your blog posts. It has been a real treat. It's nice to see that you are enjoying your young golden years.

What baby boomers pursue. said...

Thank you for your comments! We refuse to grow up! :)