Monday, July 13, 2009

Cleo Thinks Green

Bringing awareness to children about our earth and the need to recycle is a pleasant and growing venture. Parents, educators, schools and the world is increasing awareness to think green. We follow websites and projects on Twitter that bring the earth's awareness. We recently spent an afternoon helping kids create with discarded egg crates! What fun!

All can begin daily by recycling. Last year we began shopping by taking our own cloth bags to the market. They are washable and the collection of plastic bags has practically been eliminated in our household

Reminder: To insure that you take your cloth bags to the store, place them in the trunk of your vehicle after emptying them. We keep a few extra in the trunk in case we forget.

1 comment:

Dede said...

That is so important, keeping them in the car and a few extras. I love my totes. It took so getting the kids into the habit, but now it is habit. Thank you for all that you do!